Thursday, September 20, 2007


The FULL tv commercial of the new Emporio Armani fragrance called "Diamonds" featuring Beyonce has been released:

When creating Emporio Armani Diamonds, Giorgio Armani had the Emporio Armani woman in mind; a woman who could be strong, confident, feminine and very sexy, a symbol of the 21st century, someone who is living her life like a fascinating current event. When Giorgio Armani chose the name Diamonds, he meant a symbol of audacity, of sexiness with elegance and desireability, reflecting the sparkle, brilliance and strength of this irresistible stone.Who better than this astonishing actress, brilliant performer, friend of the house, to be the face and voice of the new Emporio Armani fragrance? Diamonds are a girl's best friend and Emporio Armani has a new incomparable best friend. Her name is Beyonce

The :30 clip of "Diamonds" commerical:

Beyonce with Giorgio Armani