Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Valentino braided shoulder bag has become the "IT" bag for fashionistas on the catwalk.

Angelina Jolie, Mary J Blige, and Tameka Foster have been photographed with this $1,695 handbag in red, white and pink.

[images via FG2BH, OH, UF]

For a stroll around Central Park, Angelina Jolie with a pair of black Lanvin ballet flats and daughter Zahara rock matching white Valentino braided tote. Mary J Blige paired her pink Valentino braided shoulder bag with a nude YSL platforms at a recent "Entourage" premiere. Tameka Foster wore her red Valentino bag at DJ.Irie 2007 Celebrity Golf Tournament Weekend for Jamie Foxx's VIP Dinner Party.