Tuesday, October 30, 2007


[images via mischa-b.com & Absolute Now]

For the "Cosmopolitan" magazine cover shot, actress and KEDS spokesmodel Mischa Barton wore this orange Gucci by Tom Ford organza dress.

At the "Gothika" premiere, a pregnant Halle Berry rock the same low-cut dress from Gucci's Fall 2003 collection.

Style Verdict: "Gothika" Hollywood premiere was the same event that Ashton Kutcher famously pulls a prank via an episode of his hit TV show, "Punk'D" on Halle Berry's expense. Mischa was at the peak of her "The O.C" hoopla. Tom Ford was still designing couture pieces. -sigh!-

Mischa Barton vs Halle Berry in Gucci dresses: who got IT?