Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Thandie Newton simply can't get enough of Giles Deacon out on the red carpet. In the past year, these three red carpet looks stood out the most from the UK-based actress...

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[from left to right: 2007 British Fashion Awards, 2007 BAFTA Awards, Harvey Nichols party.]

Thandie on Giles Deacon:
Now I love dressing up. I'd been hearing about Giles Deacon through friends for ages, and so at the end of last year I asked him if I could borrow something to wear for Vogue's 90th birthday party. This strapless black dress arrived 20 minutes before I was due to leave for the party, but I put it on and I was like, oh my God. I returned it the next day, and rang him and said, 'Baftas? Will you dress me?' He dressed Helen Mirren and me. Could you get two more different-looking women?

[The Observer]

And that quote explain how Thandie's obsession with Giles Deacon started...