Saturday, December 29, 2007


In 2007, singers Nelly Furtado and Rihanna have the most visible hair style changes.

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Worst Hair Change: Nelly Furtado

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When Nelly Furtado stepped out flaunting her platinum blonde tresses at a pre-VMAs Award show, reactions heard across blogs and fan sites was YIKES! Then again, her new hair color suits the pop sound she created on her Grammy-nominated record, "Loose". I'm just glad Nelly soften the blonde dye as you can see in the photos above. Platinum blonde doesn't enchance her complexion but the honey blonde dye does.

Best Hair Change: Rihanna

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To complete this short list, we have Rihanna who step away from the long weave style she adopted for her debut and sophomore records to the most-copied asymmetrical hairstyle in 2007.

Rihanna on her short 'do: "It's very edgy. It's a lot different from how you've seen me before. The short hair, the attitude is very B-girlish. I have a lot of attitude now and I'm not afraid to let it out anymore." []

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